How much CAN I afford? Posted on September 1st, 2013 by

Note: this piece is guest written by one of Lisa’s alter egos, the Humble Baker

This morning as the Humble Baker (HB) took the Spoiled Sled Dog (SSD) on his morning walk through two miles of cornfield, she found herself ruminating about the price of food. For a one-person, one-dog household, she goes through a lot of money in groceries every week. SSD is on a hamburger-and-rice diet this week, and the HB found herself wrestling with the question of whether or not she could justify buying him humanely-raised meat. Not “can I afford it?” but “can I justify spending the money?”

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  1. Laurie Dietrich says:

    Enjoyed this article.

  2. Ken Albala says:

    As someone who’s only just begun to buy food for dog, and now in much greater volume with #2 monster puppy, it strikes me that even more than human food, dog food companies makes wildly poetic claims about the health benefits and ethical standards of its products. And the price varies perversely. The more specific your demands, the more it costs (for small, high activity, gluten allergic collies). Isn’t all dog food ultimately made from slaughter house slop? Are there laws governing what they can put on a package, just as with human food? Not sure why I’m skeptical about spending more, maybe I’m just really cheap!

    Glad you’re back! Ken