Poems in honor of Tilde’s Bear

Posted on July 28th, 2009 by

Tilde in her meadow

Tilde in her meadow

Last night Tilde sat, erect, in front of the screen door, staring intently out at the meadow behind our house. I opened the door, she scampered out and stood, growling and barking…at a bear!  In honor of her bear sighting–the second one since she’s lived with us–we’ve composed some haiku. (Say…do you suppose haiku composition counts as a bear-related recreational opportunity?)

From POC:

Slow growl still body
Call of wild unanswered
Sentry post assumed

Mother bear stands tall
Edge of meadow darkened now
Slow amble homeward

From LH:

Ears prick, chest rumbles.
Who lumbers through her meadow,
And melts into wood?

The bear throws
A casual backward glance
At a small, distant growl.

A black smudge
Where wood and meadow meet.
A sharp eye observes.


One Comment

  1. Brian says:

    Bears sit well with me,
    immanent, real, whatever.
    Bears gambol freely.

    That’s a great dog that you have. :=)