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Volume III, Number 4: China to Waco

poh vol III number 4_001 Ethiopia. China. Scotland (Maryland). Northampton, Mass. Waco, Texas. (Waco, Texas??) Vummanhood. Cell phones. Trains. Glad Corn. Fear of flying. The Natural Ontological Attitude (in fragrance form). Leonard Harris. Joanna Crosby. Brita DeRemee. Abby Wilkerson. The late, lamented Ed’s Sunset Superette. It’s all here, folks.

Poems in honor of Tilde’s Bear

Last night Tilde sat, erect, in front of the screen door, staring intently out at the meadow behind our house. I opened the door, she scampered out and stood, growling and barking…at a bear!  In honor of her bear sighting–the second one since she’s lived with us–we’ve composed some haiku. (Say…do you suppose haiku composition […]

Leszek Kolakowski, Theorist of Not Gardening

The Polish-born philosopher Leszkek Kolakowski died on July 17, at age 81. Kolakowski was a prolific writer whose works examined topics ranging from Spinoza to Bergson to Husserl and Marxism to seventeenth century Christianity. Here at Phil on Hol, however, he was beloved for a short, satirical work, “The General Theory of Not Gardening,” which […]

The Niagara Falls Issue, a.k.a. the “Are you Lassie or a Wiener Dog?” Issue

poh vol IV number 1_001 China, Maine, Niagara Falls; you’ll find it all in this issue from the POH vault. A review of the movie “The Tao of Steve” by the fastest pen in the biz, Barb the Brief. Responses to our staff Vumman (Brita DeRemee Taracks) from Charlene Haddock Seigfried, who muses about whether […]

The “Emile Goes to the Boundary Waters” Issue

poh vol IV number 4_001-1 Or maybe the “cemetery, gravestone and memorial marker issue.” Read about memorials to Michel Foucault, E.B. White, Paul Tillich, and the Maryknoll sisters massacred by the Salvadoran National Guard. For good measure, there are some (fuzzy) photos of (fantastic) gravestones carved by the stonemasons of Barre, Vermont, and an almost […]

Gleaning: A Dog’s Guide

Guest Column by Tilde Heldke-O’Connor Most of you reading this know me as the pretty face whose picture appears with some regularity in this blog. What you may not know about me is that I also have a passionate interest in food. Because of my passion, I asked Lisa if I might have a few […]

Multiple Guess

Friends of mine, as well as readers of the former print edition of this zine (now excitingly being archived right here!) are exceedingly familiar with my (only partly morbid) fascination with the loss of memory I’ve experienced as I enter my ever-later-forties. (49 in a few weeks….) Lately, I’ve been observing to my father (who, […]

The Hazards of Aging, or: Dog is My Copilot

I recently drove halfway across the country in the company of Tilde the Wonder Dog. Equipping ourselves with a book on CD and a lot of food podcasts, the two of us had a splendid time enjoying the visual and olfactory splendors of the countryside between Minnesota and Maine. A dog like Tilde is a […]