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Philosophers on Holiday: The At-Home Edition

poh-24 As noted in a previous post, back issues of the entire Philosophers on Holiday collection will be appearing in this blog, in pdf form, over the coming weeks. We’re re-issuing the issues in reverse chronological order, which means you’ll have to show extreme patience as you wait for the reappearance of the poodle-ote. But […]

The poodle-ote will ride again!

Rumor has it that all the past issues of Philosophers on Holiday have been pea dee effized, and will soon be available on this very blog! Watch for their running reveal over the next couple weeks!

Aren’t we spiffy?

Like the new banner? Yeah, we do too. Thanks for that go out to Jerry Nowell, GAC web guru extraordinaire. He used images originally created by Lauren Fleer, a graduate of this program and a Dewey watcher. Jerry’s sidekick–and Lisa’s blog coach–is Joe Lencioni. Thank you, one and all, for giving us our spiffy new […]

Friendship Trap warehouse!

If you read issue #25, you no doubt saw the advertisement we printed for friendship traps, the gizmos that allow you to snare a pal to accompany you to the Dairy Queen…. Since accepting that ad, one of our stringers has come upon a whole warehouse of friendship traps. Does demand really warrant this kind […]

(Poorly) Applied Geometry

Lisa writes… Last summer, our pal V.B. presented us with an applied geometry example that he uses to stymie his high school math students into paying attention to him. He presented it to us, a group of adults who’d bisected our last angle anywhere from thirty to sixty years earlier, and set us to work […]

Mussel Bound

Readers of #25 found a tantalizing paragraph or two about Lisa’s adventures with a mussel. Here is the piece in its entirety…. I am, it appears, a situational mussel eater, just in the way that other people are social smokers, or contexual drinkers.[1] Give me the right situation-say, a glass of Riptide Red and a […]

Phil on Hol #25 available here!

Philosophers on Holiday, issue 25 is hot off the press! Download your copy and print it off, for bedtime reading. You’ll want to catch every article in this Phoenix edition, the first the travelin’ phil duo has produced in four years!