Philosophers on Holiday: The At-Home Edition Posted on February 27th, 2009 by



As noted in a previous post, back issues of the entire Philosophers on Holiday collection will be appearing in this blog, in pdf form, over the coming weeks. We’re re-issuing the issues in reverse chronological order, which means you’ll have to show extreme patience as you wait for the reappearance of the poodle-ote. But in the meantime, here’s Issue 24, also known as the “At Home Issue.” It should keep you busy for a week, until the next one comes out.

By the way, about those issue numbers: no matter how we count, we can really only come up with twenty-four issues. But since the sun isn’t rising and setting on this matter, unlike, say, the calendar (which really HAD to be recalibrated since, well, since the sun really DID rise and set according to it), let’s just leave things as they are, shall we?


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