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Maine Seafood

  Humane…                                           Fresh…   …and local    

Philosophical Geocaching Part I: Descartes

Philosophy is a wonderful thing to study, but it doesn’t lend itself well to vacationing. Quick: name your top five favorite philosophical tourist destinations! See what I mean? All that focus on disembodiment has really gotten in our way. It’s so hard to go anywhere unless you have a body that can be transported. But […]

I think I will have a latte….

“I know this coffee shop is really there because God is not a deceiver.” So reports Alison Bailey, who took this shot. She does not, however, reveal where the coffee shop is located, leaving us to wonder whether it might not be in her mind, which, after all, is of the essence….

Sun rose today. Matter of tomorrow still in some doubt.

The contrary of every matter of fact is still possible; because it can never imply a contradiction, and is conceived by the mind with the same facility and distinctness, as if ever so conformable to reality. That the sun will not rise to-morrow is no less intelligible a proposition, and implies no more contradiction than […]

Announcing the Delay of the Opening of The Cement Boat School™

For immediate release Brooklin, Maine July 1, 2010 Although we know how disappointing this news will be to the many of you out there who have already said you cannot wait to come to beautiful Brooklin, Maine to take a class at our state-of-the-art classroom facility (see photo at right), we are forced to announce […]

Citizen of the Refrigerator

Have you ever returned a container to the fridge that was so nearly empty no reasonable person could have denied its emptiness—and all because you didn’t want to throw it out?

Leszek Kolakowski, Theorist of Not Gardening

The Polish-born philosopher Leszkek Kolakowski died on July 17, at age 81. Kolakowski was a prolific writer whose works examined topics ranging from Spinoza to Bergson to Husserl and Marxism to seventeenth century Christianity. Here at Phil on Hol, however, he was beloved for a short, satirical work, “The General Theory of Not Gardening,” which […]

The Making the Pie Higher Issue

Pie, philosophical “contemplation figures” (as opposed to action figures–brought to you by our good friends at the Think-o Corporation), and lots and lots of stuff from our regular columnists Abby, Barb, Jay, Bruce and Carol. All this and more is yours, in this issue of Phil on Hol from spring(ish) of 2001. Check it out–and […]

Small Comforts: The post-9/11 issue

Not very long after September 11, 2001, we put together an issue that reflected on the tragedy from a variety of very personal perspectives. We hope you will find some wisdom in this reprint edition. poh-vol-5-no-1-2