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Volume III, Number 4: China to Waco

poh vol III number 4_001 Ethiopia. China. Scotland (Maryland). Northampton, Mass. Waco, Texas. (Waco, Texas??) Vummanhood. Cell phones. Trains. Glad Corn. Fear of flying. The Natural Ontological Attitude (in fragrance form). Leonard Harris. Joanna Crosby. Brita DeRemee. Abby Wilkerson. The late, lamented Ed’s Sunset Superette. It’s all here, folks.

The Niagara Falls Issue, a.k.a. the “Are you Lassie or a Wiener Dog?” Issue

poh vol IV number 1_001 China, Maine, Niagara Falls; you’ll find it all in this issue from the POH vault. A review of the movie “The Tao of Steve” by the fastest pen in the biz, Barb the Brief. Responses to our staff Vumman (Brita DeRemee Taracks) from Charlene Haddock Seigfried, who muses about whether […]

The “Emile Goes to the Boundary Waters” Issue

poh vol IV number 4_001-1 Or maybe the “cemetery, gravestone and memorial marker issue.” Read about memorials to Michel Foucault, E.B. White, Paul Tillich, and the Maryknoll sisters massacred by the Salvadoran National Guard. For good measure, there are some (fuzzy) photos of (fantastic) gravestones carved by the stonemasons of Barre, Vermont, and an almost […]

The Seth Peterson Cottage Issue

poh-vol-iv-number-3_001-1 Here’s another issue from the archives. Dang, this is a good issue! Granted, the photocopy quality of the photographs leaves something to be desired. But the writing–from a passel of our regulars, plus a few special this-time-only stars–is some of our best. The cover story (by Bruce, our phashion philosopher) is about the Frank-Lloyd-Wright […]

Billy the Kid: the museum

WILKERSON’S WORLD (Summer 1999) Editor’s note: Technical difficulties prevent us from presenting you with the entire Summer, 1999 issue of Phil on Hol. However, a recent conversation with Abby Wilkerson, whose column “Wilkerson’s World”  appears as regularly as anything appears in this irregular publication, got us to reminiscing about the Billy the Kid museum she […]

The Making the Pie Higher Issue

Pie, philosophical “contemplation figures” (as opposed to action figures–brought to you by our good friends at the Think-o Corporation), and lots and lots of stuff from our regular columnists Abby, Barb, Jay, Bruce and Carol. All this and more is yours, in this issue of Phil on Hol from spring(ish) of 2001. Check it out–and […]

Small Comforts: The post-9/11 issue

Not very long after September 11, 2001, we put together an issue that reflected on the tragedy from a variety of very personal perspectives. We hope you will find some wisdom in this reprint edition. poh-vol-5-no-1-2

The Danish Issue

While perhaps a bit less famous than the more-commonly-discussed Danish work penned by Will Shakespeare, this issue of Phil on Hol is nonetheless worth a reread, for Peg’s tales of Soren and Hans Christian. Apologies for the less-than-stellar quality of some of the visual images; it’s probably tough to get the joke on the last […]

Philosophers on Holiday: the Trail Posturing Issue (or maybe the David Bowie Issue)

From the mists of time (the winter of 2003-04, to be exact), comes this archived edition of Phil on Hol, containing Peg’s oft-quoted piece, “The Incredibly Shrinking Private.” Philosophers on Holiday, Volume VII, No. I, Winter 2003-2004

Philosophers on Holiday: Appearance versus Reality

Yesssss! It’s issue #23! poh-23