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Phil on Hol’s Inaugural Issue

This is it. This is where it all started. Shirley Freud. Rational Reconstructions. The Phlogiston in the Forest. poh vol 1 no 1_001 This is the issue that we still think of as containing the “classic philosophers on holiday” kinds of pieces–the kinds of pieces that illustrate the trouble philosophers get into when they try […]

The Poodle-ote Issue!

poh vol 1 no 2_001 Patient readers, your patience is rewarded. We promised you, back last spring, that the Poodle-ote would ride again, and now, here it is. This classic, early issue (check out the typeface!) tells of our intrepid philosophers’ trip to Burlington, Vermont, in search of John Dewey; a harrowing traveler’s tale from […]