The Fruitlands Issue

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by

poh vol 2 no 2_001

In which our readers will learn about Fruitlands, the museum created at the site of the former utopian community founded by Bronson Alcott, and frequented by his Transcendentalist pals like Emerson.

They will also learn about a certain catalogue company that used Wittgenstein to hawk a certain product, a certain tweed product–an ad campaign that set editor Peg’s teeth on edge.

Bruce Norelius, who has more recently been known as the Phashion Philosopher, writes in this issue about a certain set of maps that didn’t arrive for his trip with a certain famous wilderness tour provider.

And we take a trip down memory lane to an earlier political moment when Minnesota captured the nation’s attention…with its election of a certain feathe-boa-wearing governor (no, not Zsa Zsa Gabor! Jesse!).

Food? A report on going to a restaurant George the First frequents; a recipe for the best Christmas cookie ever, and an expose about a certain coeditor’s tendency to call something “her” signature dish once she has made it once….

Okay, okay; here’s the cookie recipe.



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