The “Theory of Not Dancing” Issue

Posted on August 13th, 2009 by

poh vol 2 no 3_001

This issue brings you Lisa’s philosophical arguments for why she does not ever vamos a bailar. It’s inspired by a brilliantly funny piece, “The Theory of Not Gardening,” by Leszek Kolakowski (may he rest in peace).

Peg spends some time philosophizing on the job market, something in whose clutches she was back then (“Hiring Committees are From Uranus”).

Learn what happens when three otherwise-intelligent women encounter a vaguely-persistent fortune teller.

Find out what Barb the Brief thought of the (then-new) “crispy M&Ms.” (Do they still exist? Can we believe what has happened to M&Ms since then, in the market segmentation department?)

Ponder the fact that Philadelphia seems to be closed on Mondays.


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