The “Isn’t that the notorious Hollywood Gang?” issue

Posted on August 6th, 2009 by

poh vol III number 2-3_001

This issue welcomes the Hometown Tourist, an occasional feature (isn’t everything in this zine occasional?) starring one of our moms. This one showcases Ann O’Connor, in a tale of the first female attorney in Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Add in a trip to the Trapp Family Lodge (Stowe, Vermont), a spicy story of the Senior O’Connors on a cruise (the QE II, to be exact), and some letters home from El Salvador.

In the food department, there is yet another paen to Glad Corn (man, those people should be PAYING us!), as well as a weird candybar roundup.

Learn about Kant’s career as a pool shark (Konigsburg Fats?) and Hume’s (new) career as a dentist.

Then of course there was the manhunt for the Hollywood Gang….

hollywood gang


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