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Facilitating Bear-Related Benefits

I get it. I really do. I even think it’s a good-no, a noble-idea. But I have to say that, when I heard on the radio that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources had developed a new Bear Management Plan that has as one of its goals, to “Facilitate bear-related benefits,” I did snort in […]

The Seth Peterson Cottage Issue

poh-vol-iv-number-3_001-1 Here’s another issue from the archives. Dang, this is a good issue! Granted, the photocopy quality of the photographs leaves something to be desired. But the writing–from a passel of our regulars, plus a few special this-time-only stars–is some of our best. The cover story (by Bruce, our phashion philosopher) is about the Frank-Lloyd-Wright […]

Billy the Kid: the museum

WILKERSON’S WORLD (Summer 1999) Editor’s note: Technical difficulties prevent us from presenting you with the entire Summer, 1999 issue of Phil on Hol. However, a recent conversation with Abby Wilkerson, whose column “Wilkerson’s World”  appears as regularly as anything appears in this irregular publication, got us to reminiscing about the Billy the Kid museum she […]

This is almost about Benedict Arnold

Tilde the dog and I recently trekked cross country to join my co-editor at our summer digs in Maine. We took a detour to visit Barb the Brief and the Web Guy, in Red Hook, New York. While trekking down Route 9, I was disappointed to find the Benedict Arnold House[1] closed for the day. […]